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Atam ID combines best in class data encryption processes with secure customer verification to provide your business with reliable, cost effective interactions with your customers.

ID Verification

Fulfil your compliance requirements with secure and reliable customer ID verification

Address Verification

Complete costly background KYC checks in a few taps using industry accredited methods

ID Verification

Add fast and secure account creation and log in to your website, app or workplace today

Data privacy is an essential right for each and every customer you have. Atam ID leverages cutting edge proprietary authentication and verification techniques, placing them at your fingertips to protect your customer’s rights, reduce risk and improve your operational efficiency.

A succession of world-leading software identification and authentication breakthroughs developed by our team places us at the forefront of this now critical business process.

At the heart of this is Atam ID, a revolutionary new app that enables individuals to securely manage ID verification and facilitate safe and reliable interactions with your business.

Supporting ID’s from over 100 countries

Including passports, driving licences, residency ID cards, citizenship ID cards, national ID cards, passport visa’s, state ID cards, social security cards, tribal ID Cards, voters registration cards, military ID, and many more.

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