Imagine If Your IDs, Passport, Wallet, and Filing Cabinet Were Secured in a Single Trusted App

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Safe & Secure

With ATAM ID, your life is about to get much easier. Securely save IDs, credit cards and documents and enjoy the benefits of instant access to them, no matter where you are. And because they’re stored only on your phone - only accessible by you, your data is always safe.

Verify Your Identity Online

Complete registration forms in a snap right from your phone and make applying for loans, signing up for recruitment agencies, or completing KYC/CDD a quick and simple process.

Take Off With Simple Travel Booking

Make booking your holiday as relaxing as the trip itself by breezing through the checkout process for flights, hotels and tour packages.

Fast & Secure Website Login

When you see the ATAM ID logo, just tap to log in to the website instantly - no account creation, and no more passwords to remember.

Total Security For Your Data

With the ATAM ID app, your data is securely encrypted, and never leaves your phone. Through sophisticated biometric verification including face, iris, fingerprint and voice recognition, the only person who will ever be able to access it will be you.

ATAM ID Coming 2018

The ATAM ID app is available in multiple languages, supports dual SIM phones, and is infinitely flexible.

We are working with companies all over the world, from household names to small local business – to bring you an easier way for you to verifying your identity, both online and in physical locations.

The ATAM ID App supports ID’s from over 100 countries, including passports, driving licences, residency ID cards, citizenship ID cards, national ID cards, passport visa’s, state ID cards, social security cards, tribal ID Cards, voters registration cards, military ID, and many more.

The ‘secure key’ to unlock the power of your personal data is coming very soon.

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We're Hiring

We are looking for motivated software developers to help us build our products and services to change the global identity landscape.

Experience in iOS, Android and/or React Native would be a plus, however our experienced team will mentor developers with the right attitude and aptitude.

If you want to be part of a team with global ambitions, please email a covering note and CV to about why you would like to join us.

For Business

We want to make your business more successful, by providing you with:

  • An easy way to convert your Visitors into Customers, by removing the need for customers to manually complete their contact and payment information
  • A secure method for allowing your customers and staff to log into your website and system without the need of usernames and passwords
  • An effortless automated way for you to fulfil KYC (Know your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) legal requirements