Atam ID joins the Open Identity Exchange (OIX)

Atam ID Technologies is proud to join the Open Identity Exchange (OIX), a technology-agnostic, non-profit trade organization whose vision is to be the catalyst for secure, privacy enhancing, globally interoperable, digital identities, for every entity in the UK.

“It is incredibly important for us all to work together on standards-based approaches to solving problems. We live in a world where attributes of our identities can be provided by an increasingly wide variety of organisations, from government organisations and banks to retail outlets. Interoperability of these personal assets and attributes is key to realising their value. We are planning to contribute to discussions and white papers, collaborating with some of the world’s leading organisations, in order to make this happen.” commented Aonghus Fraser, Atam ID CEO.

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You can find out more about OIX at