ID Verification. Secure data Vault. Secure Login.

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Atam ID lets you store passports, utility bills and more in a fully secure, encrypted format that adds convenience to your life and lets you get stuff done quicker.

ID Verification

Instantly verify your identity to make setting up contracts and account applications a breeze

Secure Storage

Useful and sensitive documents are now just a touch away secured by bulletproof biometrics

Secure Login

Access websites at the tap of a button with biometric verification - no more need for passwords!

No Central Database

Through sophisticated biometric verification including face, iris, fingerprint and voice recognition, the only person who will ever be able to access your data will be you.

You Have Control

You control what you share, who you share it with, and for how long. We don’t store any information about you without your permission, even encrypted.

Supporting ID’s from over 100 countries

Including passports, driving licences, residency ID cards, citizenship ID cards, national ID cards, passport visa’s, state ID cards, social security cards, tribal ID Cards, voters registration cards, military ID, and many more.

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Cyber Essentials Certified

We take security seriously which is why we’ve been assessed and certified for addressing cybersecurity effectively and mitigating the risk from Internet-based threats.